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rain_and_poetry wrote in feminist_christ
so some things I thought we could do with the comm

  • bible study: we do a weekly or monthly bible study then I put up a post and we talk about it in the comments

  • discussion posts: things we are thinking about or things in the news/in the world

  • prayer/support requests

  • posts relating to women s history in the church

  • Being a feminist in our christian communities, being a christian in our left wing/feminist/queer/radical communities

  • posts talking about how to make worship and fellowship warm welcoming and supportive for people who are not white straight men

  • discussions of books and any other media we feel is relevant

what do you think? All other suggestions welcome

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those are all great things :) looking forward to this community!

I think you've covered really good bases - thank you : )

I wonder if we should be mindful of the voices that may not get represented here - the experiences of women in different contexts to our own. I mean, we can't speak 'for' them, but I think some kind of communal acknowledgment that Christianity should and probably does impact on women in places of vulnerability, deprivation, stigmatisation.

Not quite sure what I am saying here, so correct me or re-direct me if I'm wrong.

I really like all those other suggestions you have made.

you seem to be assuming though that no one who joins here will have had experiences vulnerability, deprivation or stigmatisation.which is othering in itself

Ok, thanks for pointing that out. Just to clarify, that would be an incorrect assumption to make, because we probably don't all know each other and our life circumstances. No othering was intended, but I've deleted a prior defence as too long and too dominant. Let's just say you raise an important point, and it's right that I should clarify.

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